Conflict Resolution/Mediation

I help create and facilitate resolution to conflicts and disputes, by engaging participants in processes of reflective listening, allowing for a separation of interests and positions, and the acknowledgment of being heard.

In my role as Executive Director, Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, I initiated a process of community advisory committees and stakeholder re-engagement processes designed to reduce conflict between the diverse interests and long standing disagreements between some of the west coast communities. This process increased involvement in the process of decision-making within the organization and resulted in increased citizen participation and awareness.

Boychuk Consulting was initially contracted by the Stakeholder Engagement branch of BC Hydro to undertake a review of the organizational structure and to review job descriptions, revamp performance management processes and to develop training and professional development plans for the staff of the branch. Further work with the branch included facilitating a strategic planning session with the staff to refocus the delivery of services from the branch. This session helped to align the branch’s new focus to the business case for BC Hydro.