I facilitate processes designed to engage participants in timely, meaningful and considered engagement and input.

As the champion of the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve a major portion of my work was to engage communities, stakeholders, funders and government representatives in meaningful dialogue. It was my ability to listen, understand and reframe that has contributed to increased understanding and awareness of the Biosphere Reserve and its mandate. This process of communication was both oral and in writing. The recognition of my efforts with CBT resulted in my being elected as the President, Canadian Biosphere Reserve association for a two-year term.

Through my appointment to the Yukon Government Cabinet Task Force on the development of an Employment Equity policy that would create a representative workforce, I participated as a co-chair of an interdepartmental committee mandated to consult internally and externally with government and the public to ensure full participation and understanding of the resulting employment equity policy. This process resulted in the full implementation of the employment equity policy, helping to create a more representative workforce.